Mist Club Bangsar Billboard

Woohoo! My very first billboard! :D A panoramic billboard of Mist Club. Happy that it's still up there in the Bangsar on the way to Midvalley. xD And it's an IACT-ians effort! :D

Copy by JazzyPam.

Photograph: Joshua Hor

Design and Direction: Chingy

The Berhenti sign ruined the whole picture, but it's okay.

Worked in Mist Club for 6 months during my last semester, and boy did I learned a lot. Managed to juggle my assignments and work (Mist Club's management is really thoughtful, they give us leeway during our peak period) and I even get to go for whiskey tasting! (Although I think it was a waste when it comes to me)

Visit Mist Club's blog here and follow them here in Twitter. :D

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  1. jealous la your skills so geng!
    got your billboard summore!
    i want!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Holy crap. You designed that billboard?? I pass it like everyday! Well done.

  4. Dhong:
    Hehe, you also can one!



    xox `Lyng` xox:
    Thanks Lyng! :D

    Haha! Yayyy! And thanks!

  5. Wow! U must be very proud! =)


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