Kushi Q at Tropicana City Mall

Kushi Q; situated near Cold Storage, opposite Eat 'N' Run shop. It's a very small shop though, only half a shop, and barely noticeable.

Waiting for my pictures to upload forever T_T What shall I say in between the waiting period? I think I need to start a personal diary soon, but I think I'm too lazy to write, perhaps I should just start a private blog to vent out my problems. T_T

And one thing, I think everything is getting too open already, we communicate more through Twitter/FB/Blogs but lesser when we meet people face to face? Uploading in progress, 14%. *Stabs self*

Let me close my eyes awhile ya?

Yay! Anyway, it's just a tiny shop; with skewers and sets.

The super cute logo of Kushi Q.

I had salad! And waffle from the opposite shop which I forgot to take a picture of, but it was awesome! :D

Quite yummy, with thousand island sauce, this was RM2.00.

Basically, Kushi Q sells by sticks, ranging from RM2.00 to Rm3.50 depending on what you order. They have sets as well, like what my friend ordered.

Above is Chicken Teriyaki set I think (Kinda forgot), with rice.

A lot of sauce I like! The set above cost around RM6.90, with no drinks though.

Go visit Kushi Q if you do not know what to eat! Or can eat waffles opposite as well. :D

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  1. *orgasms* i wan again and again!

  2. u reali can go write review for checkfirst.my d la..wakakakak

    shin lei XD

  3. §pinzer:
    Hohoho! Jom one day! :D

    Shin Lei:
    Lai lai~

  4. Expensive mou? Look interesting eh!

  5. Joshua:
    Nope! Quite affordable :D Rm2 - RM3.50 per stick depending on what you choose.


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