Firefox Rebelled :(

Switched on my laptop, and to my horror. Firefox rebelled on me. It seems that he, or is he a she? had enough of my current connection and he does not let me to surf the net! Only displaying the same note to me over and over again no matter which site I goes to.

Look at the messages Firefox is leaving me!

"Your current broadband is too slow for Firefox to perform awesomely"

"Hello? It's loading forever!"

"If you're unable to load, which is obviously is, just switch to Digi!"
It's very frustrating Digi. Firefox only wants you. Without you, I won't be able to Twitter, Facebook, blog,, download animes, watch Youtube, so many things! I'll be disconnected from the internet world forever if I cannot win this.

He even took the liberty to make my Tweetdeck, Utorrent, Windows Live Messenger and even Skype to stop working unless I get Digi Broadband.

It's the horrorrrrrr! What am I going to do? Please please let me win Macbook Pro the Digi Broadband so I can gain control over Firefox again, and recover all my other applications that keeps me connected. :(

Help me here! Need.more.thumbs.up T_T

P/S: He's only giving me 5 minutes to post this to you, I'll be disconnected any minu..

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  1. apa ini?

    u're joining a contest to win broadband? hahaha. conflict of interest or not? lol

  2. I want the Macbooookkkk Proooooo!
    Will fast fast update my blog so can push it down. >_<

  3. MBP told me that he doesn't want u wor how?

  4. Voted and twitted for you too.

    I like how you ve done.

    Awesome i must say and very original.

    I had fun reading it this morning.

    I hope you win. : )

  5. LadyJava:
    Thanks a lottt!

    Omg thank you rizalll! Appreciate it alot! :D

  6. wahahaha sooo funny!! eh i dun understand what Robb said, why conflict of interest lol!

  7. Because she is working for (insert company here)

  8. casted my vote for yours too!

    very nicely done original design and i like the idea! and another thumbs up for firefox fan! cheers!

  9. will vote for u everyday aha. =D

  10. Thanks guys! :D

    Contest ending today wuwu. Might need your help on my Slurpee entry :D


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