Churros is in One Utama

Churros is in One Utama! When I first heard about it was from Susu who is currently still studying in Melbourne.

Then I spotted this place in One Utama! Malaysia's very own Churros shop!

Located at LG213-B, opposite Cold Storage, is this real tiny shop selling Churros and many other cookies and drinks.

I think it's only half a shop lot, and is manned by the owner and her helper. However the price is quite expensive though.

The lady owner was not very receptive as well when I asked her a few questions. She doesn't seem like wanna talk to her customers.

My friend and I ordered Chocolate Icing Churros at RM5.00 for 4 sticks. Pretty expensive for the size. It was quite oily and hard though. There's many other dipping available for the Churros with different pricing.

There were many people walking pass the shop, looking but not going in. I think this place can garner more business if she provide some sampling as people do not really know about Churros, and what more her shop is quite hard to find.

If I had not heard from Susu that this thing exist, I won't be interested to buy as well. >_<

Churros in Melbourne. It looks nicer though! *Picture ripped from another blog :P*

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  1. Spanish donuts right?
    thanks for this. i never knew one can find Churros in Malaysia.

  2. Hi~~ If you want a better tasting churros, come to Low Yat~~ Churros Royale.. its not hard, tasty and snowy churros at RM2.99 for 3 sticks.. I haven't blog about it as I just ate it during lunch.. so.. try it if u're ever in Low Yat... just newly opened.. owner is really friendly..

  3. Ive talked to the owner. That isnt her.

  4. Alyaaaaaa. Lets go and get this thing... Come KL, We'll go to the low yat one. Ou sucks la, susu tak sukaa.

  5. only knew dis this so called churros afta watching korean we got married woojung couple... they ate it in dat show... haha... its look delicious ^^


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