I was literally UP! when I watched the movie. Thanks to Timothy and Nuffnang, I managed to secure two tickets for UP!. :D The venue was changed to Pavilion last minute and I was kan cheong-ed!

In short; the Old Man is Mr Fredrickson which is the hero! :D The little boy is Russell, the dog is Dug and the bird is named Kevin, but she's a female.

As the trailer goes, Mr Fredrickson flew his house, wanting to go Paradise Fall which was his and his wife's childhood dream. But Russell was around his house when he set off, and both of them went on to an adventure.

I find this movie different, the hero is an old man and a little boy, and a dog, well.. And a bird. :D

This is how they were traveling, walking and strapped to a floating house.

There were a combination of sad and funny scenes as well, which I, of course would not want to spoil. :D

I laughed a lot during a specific scene, which well revolves a very cool dog. Eheh!

Overall, a super entertaining cartoon, albeit with some draggy scenes.

Feel like watching this in 3D next!

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  1. up looks interesting but i havent get the change to watch it yet:(

  2. This is right 'UP' my list of must-watch movies, including 'District 9'. Can't wait to see it in cinemas! If I do get the chance.. =(

  3. Cai Hong:
    Aww. Sure got chance de!

    Why not? :(


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