I've officially got myself flu! (Which I strongly believe that it's not some A H1N1 that took so many lifes :D)

My flu didn't heal since yesterday, and once in awhile it's accompanied with constant sneezing which irritates me.

Here's a domo-kun on a Saturday afternoon. :D

I really want to get the tanglung Domo-kun in Action City!

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  1. Domo is so cute! :D Go Action City see the tanglung one. :D

  2. Hey girl, good to know that it's not H1N1. Hope u get well soon and take care!~

  3. get well soon! I kena the real deal h1n1 but I survived

  4. Christina: Thanks! :D

    ahbing: Wow, did you blog bout it?

    simonso: Yes! I want another one! :D

  5. HUH! they have domokun tanglung! OH MY!! HOW DOES IT LOOK LIKE?!?! i want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. vvens:
    GOTT! When I buy dee show you picturee!


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