Penang Templeeeeee!

I'm back in college today! For final semester briefing. T.T


Was looking back at my old pictures, and I didn’t upload these to Facebook or my blog. Must do it today! Here’s a some pictures from my previous Penang trip with my classmates last year. We went to this Siam Temple (Enlighten me Jade! D: ) and everyone went berserk taking pictures and posing with the statues there.
Spot two of my classmates in there. The temple entrance! All the patterns on both the building and statues are all very carefully done, and pretty! I wonder how long they took to finish those.
GDRAGON! Dragon’s head! ROAR! Oh yeah, I’m a dragon. =P
A statue overlooking the sky, or emo statue.
We went inside the temple, had to take off our shoes, and we were greeted by this really huge statue, it was too huge my digicam could not capture the whole thing. *Sigh*
Some really nice candles! And nice picture! HAHAHHAAHHA. Went one round around the huge statue, and went to the other side of the temple. This place is huge I tell you. It really does not look that huge, but it's huge.
Another fiercer dragon, with red fiery eyes.
And another huge statue. Looking at it sort of calm you down. No idea why.
Palm to palm with the statue! Failed though. Had to adjust my angle and my classmate’s angle.
Took many times and this is the best we could get. :(
There was this pond where you throw coins into the different bowls that represent different wishes as well. I was busy being kiasu throwing the coins so I forgot to take pictures.
Seriously sometimes I have difficulties in ending a blog post. I seriously don’t know how to end this post.
Gtg for my final sem briefing! Byeee!

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  1. ppl go temple to PRAY la! not take photos! muahahha..jkjk..
    2 different temples! the 1st one is the burmese one...the second one is the siamese one.

    eh? who is that? the one Hi5 with buddha ei?

  2. Haha, you also took a lot of photos ngekngekngek.

    I want to go back Penang again! :(

    I think Sherman or Ek. Haha.

  3. Hahaha sometimes I also have no idea how to end my post too XD

  4. muahahha...
    ooo... come! come!
    all come! =)


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