LG Cyon Ice Cream, I iz want! :(

Big Bang LG Cyon Ice Cream phone CF!

I iz want I iz want I iz want!

Before this I did not pay any attention to the LG Ice Cream phone, until I saw this! Big Bang has a song just for it!


Been playing the song over and over again teehee. I regretted making fun of them, and calling them Besar Bang when Sueling always promote them last time.

I think the Korea version and Malaysia version a bit different though. You can see the different visual lightnings of it.

I still want! T_T

Give me give me give me LG Ice Cream phone! Malaysia version also can!


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  1. chee ching ! ! ! you linked me wrongly !!! i only have one window ! lol

    - waicheenthepretty :P

  2. kawaii ne~!! XD

    super cuteeEee~

  3. lend me to play when you get it k? kthxbai

  4. tripledot:
    Change jor :D

    Cute hor? *Melts*

    Okay, when I get it! :D

  5. HAHAH besar bang. TSK! OMG THEY SO CUTE IN THE CF LO! wubwub

  6. hey, what a funny name for handphone.. @_@

    boleh percaya ka? XD

  7. sueling:
    :D :D I like the new PMP one also! AHHHHHHH!

    It's actually the same type one as the Msia one. :D

  8. eh nice video!!!
    make me wan the phone also...XD

  9. Wendy:
    If only can get for fleeeeee :D

  10. I SO WANT ONE TOO!!! Big Bang brings great influence in advertising!! XD You should also see their PMP CF.. it's soooo cute you cannot miss it!!

  11. yumi:
    Ya wei! Saw that also! Daesung was so cute! :D


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