Ipoh Dim Sum teehee

I lapp dim sum a lot! And Ipoh is famous for dim sum luckily, but if Ipoh is not famous for dim sum, I don’t think I’ll like it. My parents will always try to bring me to dim sum whenever I go back Ipoh, and if everyone in the family can wake up early, dim sum that’s it!

During my last dim sum session, it was when my dad fetched me back to PJ, and it was too early for dim sum (Our normal dim sum time was around 10 something haha) so we didn’t really eat much. I took pictures of every dish but only these four were clear and chun enough. T_T

CENTURY PORRIDGE! It is a must whenever I go for dim sum huhu. Century porridge is like the ultimate must have dim sum dish whenever I go for dim sum. :D

Siu Mai, no specific liking for it. I prefer Prawn Dumpling! But the picture I has, is focused on that silver tray thingy instead of the dumpling. =____="

No specific liking for this either, how do you say Har Guen in English anyway? O_O I like dipping this in the salad though. :D

Omg I lapp this as well! :D

There’s sweet and sour roll, prawn balls, chee cheong fun, but all were blur. Damn it. 

But I personally love the four shots above! :D Do you do you do you?
Say yes and I’ll give you 1000 bowls of century porridge! :D 

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    my porridge please xD

  2. hohoho I love Ipoh's Dimsum a lot too..

    I went over to Ipoh for the first time in November and the dim sum was just awesome~~~

    So nice that I didn't shoot any photos of them.. hahaha
    the mouth and the hand just can't stopped XD

  3. wtf this reminds me that i haven't been to Ipoh in quite abit maybe we should have a Nuffie road trip there some day heh.

  4. Agnes:
    1000 bowls wor :(

    Come again come again! Cheap and nice right? XD

    YES! I AGREE! :D:D:D

  5. yes yes yes!!

    ma porridge ne?! XD

  6. i've not eaten dim sum for a long time

  7. die lor.. see your pics make me wanna go back ipoh eat dim sum tim. hahaha.

  8. I'm laying off this. .
    Fat Food. !!! YOWZA. but yeah they rock

  9. Ipoh dim sum didn't impress me a lot, sorry to say :(

    I found KL's standard to be better.. and less crowded too..

    BTW, looking at the photos, I am guessing it was at Ming Court?

  10. hohoho chingy owe me 1000 porridge xD...


    anyways, i love dimsum and my dad told me there is this one particular store in Ipoh that has the yummy-est dim sum ever!

    don't ask me where, cause i forget where it is xD...

    come ipoh eat dimsummm~~~ xD

  11. stella:
    Nuuuu another 1000 bowls! Ahahhaa.

    Quick go makan!

    CNY is coming! Got chance! XD

    Tak mau call you Claris. :P Eat fishball, not fattening. :D

    Haha, true true at the less crowded. I think it's Ming Court. >_<

    Huhu, must ask kitchen prepare 2000 bowls adee. :( I wanted to ask where is it already. :(

  12. will make dim sum myself coming future.

  13. delicious mmmm.....
    just visiting.hope u visit me back too.

  14. omg i know this is late comment but i dun care i love the pictures i wanna eat it!!!


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