The wordiest post I've ever written ahead.

My internship at Nuffnang ended yesterday, on New Year Eve, and I'm already missing Nuffnang. I am glad that I made a right choice, and not going to advertising agency as I really enjoyed my 2 and 1/2 months internship a lot. I had no problem waking up early to go work, had no problem with Monday Blues, had no problem taking public transport everyday although it sucked.

The 2 1/2 months internship in Nuffnang had really equipped me, and I learned so many things that my 10 fingers could not count. I have many memorable moments to stressful moments, yet I was enjoying it throughout.

On my first day, I was so quiet that Timothy and Yeehou thought there was something wrong with me. Huhu. On my first day as well I was exposed thoroughly with Nuffnang's working culture, and I grew accustomed to it, although I tend to avoid those topics hehe.

I began to talk more and more, and learned how Nuffnang works, learning new things as the days go by. I learned how to build ad packages, how to coordinate events, how to alias with bloggers and many more. Although one task that I do not really like was 'rating blogs', which is determining whether the ad placements are good or not. It was kinda boring to me huhu.

My first major involvement with an event was the Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween. It was so tiring (I even skipped dinner) and my feet was so painful, and yet I enjoyed it, and was really glad that the event was a huge success. It was fun watching the bloggers dancing silently. Something that I could not forget. :D

And often I was the one liasing with the bloggers whenever there are contests and events, and receiving Thank You(s) and all made me real fuzzy in the inside. :D

I had chance to do some designing work as well, and I'm really grateful for that as I like to design as well. My final task of design was the New Year card, and I'm glad everyone liked it. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that your design is liked and appreciated by others.

Some really memorable moments in Nuffnang is my surprise birthday celebrations, taking water for Boss Tim because if he dehydrates to death, Nuffnang will go down! :(, and of course the opportunity to go Singapore. And of course, the karaoke sessions! Not to mention freebies that I get from the events. Think Joy Juice, think pendrives. :D

Here's some dedication to the Nuffies! (In no particular order keke)

1. Robb
My mentorrrrrrrrrrrr! Truthfully, I didn't like my Nuffnang email Robb! HAHAHA! (Omg update from Robb, it is given by Lee Meng. :X) Robb is the greatest mentorrr one can get! :D He gives you work, but do not stresses you, he helps you whenever he can, and he is very appreciative as well. He has realllly good ftw PR skills, and you can learn many things for him.

Hope you can get a new camera soon! Ehehe.


2. Pinky
Pinkyyyy! She taught me a lot of things as well. From building packages, to preparing reports, and she never fail to correct you if you did mistakes and all, and thanks for your internship report for references. Huhuhu.

Hope your life in Melbourne will be so great, that you can buy many many shoes! XD


3. Yeehou
Huhu! At first I was really afraid of him, as he is quite garang, but he is the one that taught me many things on excel, and how to be organized in preparing reports (Although his desk is the messiest). And thanks a lot for fetching me to work and back sometimes, and also bringing me to meet clients, and I learnt a lot from it.

Hope you'll get loads of good and big deals!


4. Nicholas
Ehehe, Nicholas! Our marketing manager, someone who is very knowledgable and great in clinching deals. And he does not have qualification on marketing! How great is that? Nicholas is very experienced, and yet he can be really *cough* *cough* at times. Huhu. He is the one that often gives out advice, and the one that realized my birthday. OMOMGOMGOMG. *Tears*

Hope Nicholas can grow more hair hehe. And get more deals as well!


5. Boss Tim
ZOMG it's Boss! He is the best boss ever that you can find! No other boss can make jokes, play the same music over and over again in office, treat you lunch at times, suggests to go karaoke, praising you indirectly, love BKT and would drive all the way to Klang to eat it, pour tea for you during lunch, and yet he manages the company so well!

Hope Nuffnang will grow tremendously until it is so tremendous, it is tremendous. :D


6. Firdauz
The designer! And someone that taught me things on designing as well. He comes in after lunch hours, and yet he is very efficient! I still remember his advices on the Nuffnang Milestone, and with his advices that I followed, indeed it looks much better! He is very funny as well! :D

Hope Firdy can eat more *you know what* okay?


7. Raff
He was always the earliest one, and also the quietest one, and I have never eaten lunch with him before throughout my internship. :(

Hope Raff can eat lunch together gether with the Nuffies always! :D


8. Vernice
Hehe Vernice came in early December, and I do not have much opportunity to bond with her. :( But she is a really nice girl! :D Me likey! She is a designer as well, and I remember how she actually stayed up till 4am to finish her work on her first day! Total FTW! :D

Hope to see you soon! :D


9. Yatz, Kelvin, Mellissa and Wendy
I am very grateful to know and have you guys as fellow interns together gether! :D Mellissa and Wendy came in on December, and I'm quite sad that I only have like a month to know them better, :( Yatz and Kelvin has always been very helpful, and I do remember the cleaning session with Mellissa and Wendy! Boss abit sexist

To Yatz and Kelvin, happy going to college muahhahahha!
To Wendy and Mellissa, I wanna see you all again! T________T


10. Tim 2, Lee Meng and Wenny
Hehe, although I only met Tim 2 twice, Lee Meng once and Wendy none, THANK YOUUUUUU AS WELLLLL! :D

And not forgetting the Singapore Nuffies, THANKS A LOT AS WELL! :D

I wonder if that's a dedication, but nevertheless, I lapp lapp Nuffnang a lot! :D

Nuffnang FTW!

P/S: I need to start my internship report already, damn.

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  1. WAAAAAAAHHH I MISS YOU CHEE CHING!!!! *bursts into tears*

  2. I lap you too chee ching!!! I miss you di.. .how... :(

  3. All the best to you in your future studies, get a nice degree and come work with us again ;)

  4. shit now i'm going to dehydrate

  5. You done the new year card? That's awesomely cute!!!

  6. fwah! it was a really a FTW experience interning in Nuffnang.

    i'm gonna miss all of u guys! wuhuuhuhuh.. :'(

  7. i knew it was you who did the card. Chingy written all over it! xD


  8. I never get a chance to talk to you because I didnt know you are an intern Nuffie too!

    If you are wondering who am I. I am the singapore botak nuffie! Have a look in the Vpost group photo and you will see me le.

    Happy new year to you!!

  9. o haiz iz me..i miss u too cute cheeching wtf..LOL

  10. nice reading. =)

    it must be so fun working with them. hehe. so do you get better ads now since you know them? haha XD

  11. wahaha.. what a dedicated dedication... lol.. im sure them nuffies will be smiling ear to ear now. hehe.. whats next? back to study? :-P

  12. Robb:

    *Burst into tears and hugs Mellissa* WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

    :( When you go Melbourne lagi far! :(


    Hehe! No problem! :D

    Boss Stewie:
    Nuuu, better move the water dispenser beside you haha.

    Yepyep! Thanks! :D

    FTWWWWW! :(

    Hehe, Felicia rocks!



    I hope so muahahha/

    e s t a n c u s:
    Yep; final semester huhu.

  13. wa.. intership a... then can get more ads campaign or not? hee hee

    i wan to ask them give me more la...


    btw.. happy new year..

  14. I love your NEW YEAR CARD!!!
    BTW, feeling missing when u, kelvin and yatz not around... :(

  15. Penang Tua Pui:
    Ahaha hope can! :D

    Thanks! Lapp lappppp!

    Nicholas Chay:
    Thanks Nicholas! :D

  16. hey i was just wondering - is interning at nuffnang a paid or unpaid internship?

  17. aww.. i wish i could also work at Nuffnang, btw where is nuffnang? do they have a branch here in the Philippines? :)


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