Happiness Pt 2

I cannot tahan already. So many days never blog. My CNY days is filled with reunion lunches and dinners, ang pao hunting, gambling, it was very fun! Will update more on this.

Anyway, more pictures! :D I think this post is super duper random!

I used to have this grey color teddy bear, which I still have it now. The texture is so soft, and you cannot find it anywhere already. :D

These mini(s) are for Crocs shoes! Super duper cute! I want a customized one. :D

I bet everyone loves them right? ABSOLUTE in DIFFERENT FLAVORS ROAR! I don't like to drink though. :D

And these, I don't think you can find these anywhere already. Ancient already.

Okla, I must go do my internship report already, and it's 2.44am already! :(

P/S: I looping Big Bang's songs over and over again to keep me awake! :D:D:D

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  1. i see lots of alchololll!, bad chingy, bad bad! *spanks*

  2. hoho. i admire the first pic (^_^)


  3. the bottle of happiness look very antique for me

  4. §pinzer:
    Nuuuu I don't drink >_<

    Terima kasihhh! XD

    Hehe, never drink before?


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