Bedtime Stories (Bugsy is haunting me T_T)

Time to do a proper movie review! Went to watch Bedtime Stories today with my Ipoh friends! OMG I MISS THEMMMMMMMMM!

And the reason I'm doing this review is because Bugsy is haunting me till now.

Yes, this is Bugsy. The hamster on Adam Sandler's head. Freakishly huge and creepy eyes. I can spend whole day talking bout his eyes. His eyes are really huge, round, and it doesn't looks real! (Although I knew he is CGI), and the shine on his eyes never ceased to change to at least fade.

Freakishly scary. But it can be cute. But still scary.

I loved the poster. Wish I could work as a movie poster designers for some really big companies. Hekhek.

Basically, although to me the movie was teh awesomeness, but I really think it is suitable for the younger crowd, as the adults or those that they are macho or whatever will think it is boring. It definitely will appeal to girls and kids.

It started with a flashback, and explaining on how the hotel started and all, don't want to spoil too much, and fast forward till Skeeter (He is the main character by the way) grew up and still did not have a chance to run the hotel.

Then he had to take care of his nephew and niece, and this is when the bedtime stories unfold. It was entertaining, as well as very creative as they fused the imagination elements with the movie.

Some really things that I like about the movie:

1. Bugsy (Wtf)

Omg Bugsy! Although he was freaky and I do not know why in the first place he helps in the plot, but he is definitely a funny one, will not spoil the movie but he was well, attention grabbing. And the name Bugsy really suits him. I do not ever want a guinea pig like him. Ever. And he eats hamburgers wtf.

2. The raining gumballs

OMG! The moment this came, I was like, OMG I WANT RAINING GUMBALLS TOO!!!!111oneone. It did happen, literally, in the movie. :D

3. Bobbi & Patrick!

BOBBI AND PATRICKKK! Both of them are really cute! And they make the stories come true with their imagination. :D

4. Mickey

Haha, he is absolutely hilarious, and he cannot read ahahahahha. The french fries and tomato sauce was the best. Ahaks!

5. Skeeter's Ringtone (Thanks Pinksterz for reminding! :D)


Overall, as I've said before, this movie is mainly catered to families and kids I guess. Some may find it boring, some may liked it, well, there will not be a movie 5where everyone likes right? :D

Damn you Bugsy, your eyes are definitely haunting me. T_T

So do you like Bedtime Stories? Poll <<<<. :D

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  1. Ahaks! Raining Gumballs! DAMN! I want raining chocolate! HAHAHAHHA XD

  2. and not to forget the awesumz ringtonez!!!!!! XD

  3. -suelingz-
    Omg that one also heaven. :D

    Omg how can I forget that? Ahaks!

  4. dropping by~ love this movie. xD>.. just watched it last week~ bugsy is so bugger-ful =x...

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. the guinea pig is wearing contact lens... no wonder his eyes look like gold fish or he is gold fish mixed. haha.

    1. no hes not! hes eyes r like that in real life

  7. waaaah i long time never come visit, and this is what i see?!? i knew you were a genius but THIS IS AWESOME :DDDD

    finally got time to update hor hehe. keep it up la. i love Siu Min Bao btw!!! can't wait to see what he's up to :P

    oh, come join makan friday!!!

  8. eh hamster!! I didnt even know what's on the list these days, im getting old ... oh my ...

  9. Agnes:
    Bugsy is scary, omg it rhymes.

    Yi Ling:

    OMG you could be right! It's a mixed breed! :D

    Heehee sankyou! Hm, I should expand Siu Min Bao. :D

    Now in Ipoh le :( But no worries! Friday makan time on! YAY!

    Haha, too busy kut?


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