Rain at Nuffnang

Edit: I WANT MORE TORA DORA! T______________________T

No; Nuffnang did not rain. Okay that sounded weird as well. Anyway, it was one fine day when everyone in the office are soothing on Tim Fm blasting 'Fall for You' by Secondhand Serenade through the speaker.

I think it was Secondhand Serenade. There's limited songs in Tim Fm =P

Then suddenly Firdy or Yat exclaimed, look outside the rain! The rain! It was all the way to the other side of the office though, and I grabbed my camera quickly as well.

I never knew rain look like that! O_O

It is like some cottony form of substance flying down from the clouds.

This is FTW!

Imagine raining at Sg Wang, but not raining at Time Square. D:


P/S/S: Is my pictures a little too big? O_O

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  1. wow!! lucky u chingy can get to see this!! XD

    btw, picta ngam ngam size, just nice.

    and nice new layout yo!! XD
    and surely, it loads super fast compare to last time. lol

  2. when did this happen? how come i don't know 1? so nice. lol

  3. Woahh half of the city is raining and the half of it is not xD awesome!!!

    p/s: your photos are not too big.. :)

  4. it was me who noticed it..coz i always look at the sky for my cloud fetish wtf..

  5. It's like that sometime, drive from 1 Utama rain then cross TTDI no rain.

  6. stella:
    Last time was so slow until it is unloadable. Wuwu.

    Hm, maybe you was on leave?

    Jian Akiraceo (Miao):
    Awesomee! Jian draw more comics!

    Yatz the cloud fetish!

    Simon Seow:
    Haha, I love the feeling.


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