NEW LAYOUT!!!!111oneone


This is a totally different layout, and I lapp this alot! Like this much.

From here ________________________________________________________________ to here.

It is that much! And it can go further if not for the lack of space. :(

Compared to my previous layout, I believe this time, my blog can load much faster for I have removed so many things! :D

1. No more big ass huge banner that takes up half of my blog space.

2. No more shoutbox, it makes my blog looks neater. So, leave your comments k? :D

3. Removed YouthSay, gah, I do not want to say anymore on this.

4. Switched back to Blogger Commenting System.

5. Swtiched back to Twitter! I don't like Plurk Karma system seriously. And I am not happy with 0.00 Karma.

6. Removed all the miscellaneous buttons which serve no purpose at all.

7. No more ads in my blog!

8. I'm sorry, just joking. Nuffnang is still up no matter what! :D

9. No more entrecard! No idea why did I put it up in the first place. =____="

10. I love my new layoutttt! I spent two days okayy (Due to procrastination and power failure, and o2mania and watching dramas on the hdtv! It's addictive I tell you)

Testing Bold, Italic and Stroke now.

I iz Chingy! <- Bold

I iz Chingy! <- Italic

I iz Chingy! <- Stroke

And of the best change in this layout?


It is teh ultimate auto borders on some random anime screenshot! No more manually putting borders!

Now, I want a template that can edit pictures on its own!

P/S: Help me answer my poll, should I put back the chatbox?

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  1. lay out cantik la chong cheee chingggggggggggY ! :D :D

    i miss you la ! :D

    - waicheen

  2. eik so nice. its neat! and pink too! :P

  3. your layout very @.@
    but i guess if you like it, it's great. haha. ._.
    chatbox seems like a little out of place with your current layout lei. :X heh.

    my 2cents worth :D :D

  4. definitely better than the cucuk mata green layout last time :thumbs:

    bring the freaking spambox back!

  5. hmmm, the layout is nice. But, i am a chatbox fan(^^). HOwever, it is still ur call...

  6. So cute neh. design for me can?

  7. i like ur new layout la.. load so much faster ok! so cute!


  8. waicheen:
    Me tooooooooo! When I go back college you going internship pulak T.T

    Pink ftw! :D

    Thanks! :D

    Hm, what does @,@ mean ya? Maybe I can do some modifications also. :D

    Where got cucuk mata? :( I don;t want ahha.

    Hehe, got it. :D

    Can can; when I'm free :D

    Thank youu! :D

    Hehe, can, when I'm free ya. :D

    Yepyep! XD

    Haha; yay it loads faster! :D

  9. you should place a CHATBOX!! xD for lazy ppl like me..haha
    anyway, dammit..all of ur layouts darn nice my blog's layout next time okay? *puppy eyes* okay okay?


  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. i think u should put chat box in! eh, how to convert haloscan to blogger comment system ark? help!!


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