Bebek Dengil.

Bali is of course, famous for its culinary Bebek Dengil, besides Babi Guling.

It was a place in Ubud, called Padi Prada. Even the name seem glamorous enough.

It was a restaurant upstairs, and a gallery downstairs. Pretty neat I must say.

After climbing a flight of stairs, this is where we were greeted with a magnificent view.

It was around 11am in the morning, so we did not ordered the set with the rice, only the bebek dengil.

But, it was too dry for my taste. Furthermore, I do not eat ducks. o_O

Bebek dengil is the Balinese language for Skinny Duck. DIRTY DUCK WTFBBQNOTSKINNYDUCK.

Lucky I only took a bite.

But look how happy they are eating Dirty Ducks lol.

No wonder it was dry, =/

I really do not know how to appreciate such delicate cuisines.

And here's a wonderful picture of myself,

In a spoon.

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